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Coding/Drones Class is an enrichment offered after school to all students that want to learn how to write code. Students engage in hands-on programming tasks in the JAVA programming language as they write and test their code using real programmers' approaches in the field. Students are able, at the end, to create their own games and write their own programs from scratch.  Critical thinking and planning and organizing skills, are paramount in this class as students learn logic and process. 

Advisor - Mr. Rodriguez 


Do you enjoy math?  Do you like playing math games like Mancala? Are you fast with a Rubik's Cube? Then Math Club is the place for you!!  Palm Avenue Math Club is a place to have fun while learning math skills and playing math games.  Math Club prepares students to compete in the Kern County Math Field Day.  Students compete in team relays and test their math skills.  The Kern County Superintendent of Schools coordinates Kern County Middle Schools Mathematics Field Day.

Advisor - Mrs.Rogers
Advisor - Mrs. Perkins


Do you love to read?  Well, Battle of the Books Club is the place for you. The club usually meets weekly to discuss the books they are reading. Students will read 20-30 books from the Battle of Books list throughout the year.  Students then come together in mixed school groups at the Kern County Battle of the Books competition to demonstrate their abilities and to test their knowledge of the books they have read.

Advisor - Mrs. Rogers


Chess Club is a math-based/problem-solving-based club on campus for students in grades 6 through 8.  Chess is a historical game that challenges students to think, problem-solve, and compete.  It encourages students to think and use 21st Century analytical skills.  Moreover, Chess Club is a place where students can come to learn the basics of chess or grow their foundational skills of the game. The club culminates with a school-wide chess tournament.  The tournament challenges students to put their best foot forward and compete to be called Champion of Palm Avenue Middle School.

Advisor - Mr. Ballard


With all the challenges facing middle school students, Bible Club serves as a safe place for students to come and get guidance, help, mentoring, and life skills.  This club is open to grades 6 through 8.  The Bible club has always been a safe place for students from all backgrounds.  Biblical teaching is at the heart of the club.  The Bible serves as a tool to instruct, guide, and inspire students to be better students, citizens, and leaders.

Advisor - Mr. Ballard
Advisor - Mrs. DeRevere