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Our AVID program is an in-school academic support elective that prepares students for college eligibility and success.  Students learn organizational skills, leadership skills, and communication skills to help them succeed in all of their subject areas.

Teacher - Mr. Bocker


Band continues to develop the middle school player through classroom instruction, preparing them for more advanced level literature and performance. Students learn a series of pieces for a field show, drill team accompaniment, and parade performance. The development of musicianship is emphasized through a variety of large group performances. Students also gain leadership skills throughout the course. Attendance and participation at all scheduled performances and activities, including those outside the school day, are required of all students enrolled.

Teacher - Lindsay Holmes


Music Appreciation offers the opportunity to study the fundamentals of music for the non-performer.  Students enrolling need no previous instruction in music. The emphasis in the course will be on learning music notation and terms, different forms and styles of music, and the five different families of instruments. 

Teacher - Lindsay Holmes


The WINN Robotics course is designed to help a student grow in the area of critical thinking and problem solving through collaboration and hands-on learning. Students learn about mechanical advantage along with coding and the engineering design process. Students are placed on teams that will work towards competing not only against their classmates but also, district-wide as well as hopefully county-wide robotics competitions.

The STEM elective incorporates projected-based learning to teach students about math, science, engineering, and technology through a hands-on approach. The class includes learning about the engineering design process through the utilization of VEX robotics, 3D modeling, and printing, as well as model solar homes, bridges, and roller-coasters. Students also experience plant science and ecology; getting the opportunity to take care of the learning garden, growing their own vegetables, and learning about different irrigation systems and crop cycles. Technology is experienced through learning to code with JavaScript where students have created their own photo filters and simple games, through the use of coding platforms and the Micro-Bit programmable computer. The course offers a survey of all areas related to STEM to provide students the opportunity to be excited about math, science, engineering, and technology in a new way.  

Teacher - Mr. Rodriguez


If you like taking photos, designing, creative writing, and or editing, then Yearbook is for you! In Yearbook, you are given the opportunity to create a yearbook that highlights academics, sports, clubs, students, teachers, and staff throughout the year. This club also allows members to take photos of different events and have them published on the school website! The yearbook is for grades 6 through 8.

Teacher - Mrs. Fry