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Getting Started With Distance Learning

Before you get started reviewing our site, it’s helpful to get an overview of what we mean by distance learning.


On Tuesday, April 14th, we will resume distance learning using Google Classroom. Teachers will contact students and families to provide details for distance learning.  Teachers have worked to create a schedule that is consistent and reliable; staff has designed a similar schedule and parallel minutes to Math, English, Science, and History instruction.  Each week teachers will provide distance learning assignments and make themselves available for student support. Students with no access to Google Classroom will need to complete Individual Learning Assignments. Select your grade level below.  

What to Expect from our Distance Learning?

Distance Learning is designed to reconnect students with their teachers and peers, and provide continuity of academic instruction. Teachers and students will spend time establishing virtual classroom expectations, responsibilities and routines. As we become accustomed to teaching and learning in this new way, students will engage more deeply with the content, activities and materials over the next two months. 

Instructional activities will be delivered through Google Classroom. Over the course of each day, students may experience direct instruction (teacher recorded lessons or videos) and independent student work. Teachers will also offer Office Hours, or opportunities to ask questions and receive academic support.

Technology Support    

Our primary Digital Tools for Distance Learning will be G-Suite (Google Docs, Drive, Classroom, etc.). Teachers will be able to assist with minimal issues related to I can’t sign in, my sound doesn’t work, or something is not working with my device. Other technology issues are to be reported to the school by contacting 661.758.7130 - leaving a voicemail will be required. 

Norms and Expectations; Students and Families

Students are expected to follow our district and teacher expectations around behavior. While online, students are held to the same WUESD standards of courtesy, respect, and engagement. For almost all of us, this is the first time learning in an online class and it may take a bit of time until we feel comfortable with how systems work.  Let’s agree to all be flexible and do our best to follow these norms:

Student Norms and Expectations:

  1. Login and connect to Google Classroom distance learning daily.  If you are unable to login, communicate with your teacher so they can help get you the information and stay connected. 

  2. Participate by asking and answering questions, taking notes, and submitting assignments via Google Classroom. 

  3. Reach out to your teachers with questions via email.

  4. If you see something inappropriate happening, email your teacher.

  5. Teachers will communicate their norms and expectations

    1. Should questions come from the family or students?

    2. Should students ask questions via email or some other mechanism?

    3. How often will teachers be able to respond to questions?

    4. How can families access the curriculum to support their student(s)?