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Assistant Principal

Welcome back Palm Avenue Panthers!

I am honored (and excited) to be back at Palm for the 2019-2020 school year!  I look forward to serving the students, staff, parents, and community as the assistant principal in an effort to bridge barriers between learning struggles and learning achievement.  

Middle school can be a trying time for all of those involved!  The children are developing a sense of independence--one that will test boundaries, develop and foster relationships, and establish a lifelong character that will carry them through tough and challenging obstacles that they may face.  We want to develop and nurture positive relationships that will help each student establish an ethical code. This code of ethics will innately sustain them through these trying times in middle school, but more importantly, it will help carry them throughout those times they may face in life outside of the classroom.

This is a period in your child’s life where, contrary to popular belief, the time, involvement, and influence of all stakeholders is needed positive communication and collaboration between each of the student’s stakeholders is essential!  Ultimately, we want to prepare our youth to be lifelong learners, ready and capable to compete within the global community.  In doing so, it is crucial that we rally behind and support our teachers and students as we embark on this learning journey together.  

My personal goal for this next school year, as we open this new school, is to be a sounding board for each of the stakeholders within Palm Avenue while maintaining and ensuring a safe learning environment for all.  If there is anything that you need or concerns that you may have--in order to encourage and promote your child’s learning--please come see me. While it is a personal goal of mine to know each of your students by name and by need, it is my goal to know each of you as well.  Please stop by the office anytime!

Let’s get this school year started off right!

With great appreciation,

Zach Ellis

Assistant Principal